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Meet Dr. David Hanscom

I’ve been there and back.
That's why I used the knowledge acquired in my medical background, my own struggle with chronic pain, the experiences of hundreds of my patients, and the vital research underway in the field of neuroscience, to develop a program that works for me and other people that are suffering.

Stress isn't the problem, it's your reaction to it.

  • Your body reacts to stress with physiological changes that create mental and physical symptoms.

Avoiding stress increases stress.

  • Learn to minimize the impact of stress on your body.

Take back your life

  • This course is a sequence of lessons that reflect my journey, my patients' journeys, the best clinical practices, and the wisdom of modern neuroscience.


The DOC Journey is a collection of resources that provides information, tools, strategies and support that enables you to develop a game plan around your unique set of issues and circumstances.

Through awareness, hope, forgiveness, and play, you will learn methods that stimulate physical changes in your brain (neuroplasticity) and re-direct your nervous system to optimize your body’s reaction from one of threat... to one of safety... to one that's free from pain.

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Self-Guided Courses

Learn to train your brain to not feel mental or physical pain.

Since chronic mental and physical pain are complex and you are also a unique individual, the only person who can solve your pain is you.

The DOC Journey provides a framework to organize your thinking about your problems, teaches you skills to calm down and re-route your nervous system, and enables you to discover your own solutions.

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Proven Learning Sequence

Each leg builds on the previous sets of lessons.

Most of you who have been in pain have tried almost everything without much success. Why should this program work for you? Your skepticism is the starting point.

It is critical to connect with what is real for you, use tools that lower your body’s stress chemicals, master basic skills, and proceed in a stepwise manner. At a certain tipping point you’ll break loose and thrive.

You cannot eliminate permanently embedded pain circuits, but as you move into wellness, they’ll atrophy from disuse.

Understanding the nature of threats and learning skills to create safety creates a shift, which changes the makeup of your body’s chemistry in a more favorable state. Many mental and physical symptoms will resolve.

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Recorded Webinars

In-depth discussion of the healing concepts.

Most of the lessons along the guided course are linked to short videos to deepen your understanding of a given topic. The webinars add another dimension in that they discuss a specific area in more depth.

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Weekly Virtual Group Coaching

Bi-weekly group sessions provide support and safety.

Four environmental factors directly stimulate the immune system and inflammation.

They are:

1) hope/ optimism

2) sense of control

3) positive mood/ affect

4) social connection.

Being socially isolated has a devastating effect on your health and is estimated to have an impact similar to smoking 15 cigarettes per day. Re-engaging with family, friends, and others is healing.

The group sessions are held on Zoom and are remarkably enjoyable and supportive, as well as educational. They have been a significant factor in moving people forward.

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"Helping patients heal from chronic pain has been
the most rewarding phase of my medical and surgical career."

~  Dr. David Hanscom

Dana's Story
"The Q&A sessions I attend 2x per week are such an important part of my support system as I've started navigating the DOC Journey.  I've suffered with chronic pain for over three years, and after two spine surgeries that provided no relief of my symptoms, I felt very alone and confused.  I found this special community during a time when I felt little hope, and I know the timing was providential."
Laura's Story
"I met David about ten years ago and learned of his book back then. I’m really enjoying taking part in the groups as much as I can. I’m pain free these days, and I have the doc journey to thank for that!"

A Group Coaching Success

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"The best part of the DOC Journey is that the tools and approach continue to work indefinitely."

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