The DOC Journey is a self-directed, guided course

Here's what you will learn:

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The DOC Journey

  • Understand the origin and nature of acute and chronic pain - and your body's responses to threat.
  • Learn the skills to lower your body's stress chemicals and return it to a relaxed state.
  • Lessons include video tutorials to deepen your understanding and answer frequently asked questions.
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Group Coaching Sessions

  • Join Dr. Hanscom's group coaching sessions every Tuesday and Thursday, in a setting that allows you to feel and be safe.
  • This format is a powerful aspect of the DOC Journey as social connection fosters healing.
  • Experience hope again as you begin thriving instead of just surviving.
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Recorded Webinars

  • Explore topics found along the DOC Journey with in-depth, interactive discussions.
  • Learn how to utilize the best clinical practices and modern neuroscience techniques to take control of your health, happiness, and quality of life.
  • All sessions and notes are recorded and available in our reference library.


Webinars are included in both the journey and coaching subscriptions

Meet the doctor behind DOC (Direct Your Own Care)

Dr. Hanscom's 15-year struggle with chronic pain led him on a journey to discover how to break free from his pain without the use of addictive opioid treatments. Now he wants to share his findings with you!

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"The best part of the DOC Journey is that the tools and approach continue to work indefinitely."


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